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Minimal Example

An absolute minimal example of a Web page with MAPressso consists of 4 files in one directory:

1. A html file (e.g. "index.html") with the following content:

<title>Minimal MAPresso</title>
<applet code="MAPresso.class" archive="./mapresso.jar"
     codebase="./" width="1200" height="840">	
  <param name="nobs" value="313">	
  <param name="geo" value="polys.psc">	
  <param name="nam" value="areas.nam">
2- The program, here "mapresso.jar"
3. A geometry file, here: "polys.psc"
4. A names file, here: "areas.nam"

The parameters "width" and "height" define the size of the applet on the Web page, "nobs" gives the number of areal units (in the geometry and in the names file).

minmal example

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