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Message Codes

Error Codes

101: parameter 'geo' missing
102: 'nobs' > number of areal units
103: command not yet implemented
104: bad URL
105: number of geoparts is not equal to number of areal units (nobs)
106: unknown layer type
107: problem downloading image
108: hinum or hinumgeo too small (compared e.g. to exclude parameters)

Warning Codes

501: less names than nobs
502: wrong color argument
503: getIcon: type not supported
504: hiNum < number of variables in text file
505: less observations in text file than expected
506: less rows in .vnm file than variables in text file
507: less cols in data file than in its header
509: INFOLEVEL deprecated > use LOGLEVEL; available levels: t, d, i, w, e (trace, debug, info, warning, error)

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