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EPS Creation

<param NAME="psbtn" VALUE="1">
This parameter adds a button for writing an EPS file to the java console.

Selecting the menu item "File > Generate EPS Code..." writes an encapsulated PostScript file (EPS) to a new window.

The result should look like this:

%!PS-Adobe-3.0 EPSF-3.0
%%BoundingBox: 0 0 600 385
%%Creator: MAPresso, Version 1.1.02, © Adrian Herzog
%%Title: Links-Rechts Nationalratswahlen 1999
%%CreationDate: Mon Jun 11 00:07:52 CEST 2001
/PSCdict 100 dict def
(...) grestore showpage

You can copy this text (starting exactly with "%!PS-" and ending with "%%EOF") and (using a text editor) save it as text file (use the suffix ".eps"). Word users: save the eps-code as text (Unicode does not work)! Then:



Something marginal (from a question): How can I change the color/width of the polygon lines?
Change the following lines:

Gray: line 19: change setgray parameter (0: black, 1: white):
/v {newpath moveto {rlineto} repeat closepath gsave fill grestore 0.8 setgray stroke} bdef 

or color (rgb):
/v {newpath moveto {rlineto} repeat closepath gsave fill grestore 1 0 0 C stroke} bdef 

line 46: change the linewidth:
gsave 0 setlinecap 0 setlinejoin 1 setmiterlimit  1.5 setlinewidth  gsave 

line about 55 from bottom (otherwise you get a poor legend), reset the linewidth:
0.15 setlinewidth  0 setgray   /Helvetica TF 10 SF 370 476 m  (43.1) show 0.0080 0.22 0.345 C 395 469 14 12 F

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