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Special characters

For the use in the files nam and vnm some special characters can be inserted (e.g. "Z$urich" returns "Zürich"):

$a ä   $A Ä   $b à   $f á   $n â  
$d ç  
$m ë         $g è   $e é   $c ê  
$j ï               $s í   $i î  
$w ñ   $W Ñ  
$o ö   $O Ö         $q ó   $t ô  
$u ü   $U Ü   $p ù   $r ú   $v û  
$2 ²   $3 ³ (small exponents)  
$< «   $> »  
$. '   $: "   $$ $  
\n (new line)


Error and Message Codes

Error codes

101: parameter 'geo' missing
102: 'nobs' > number of areal units
103: command not yet implemented
104: bad URL
105: number of geoparts is not equal to number of areal units (nobs)
106: unknown layer type
107: problem downloading image
108: hinum or hinumgeo too small (compared e.g. to exclude parameters)

Warning codes

501: less names than nobs
502: wrong color argument
503: getIcon: type not supported
504: hiNum < number of variables in text file
505: less observations in text file than expected
506: less rows in .vnm file than variables in text file
507: less cols in data file than in its header
509: INFOLEVEL deprecated > use LOGLEVEL; 
available levels: t, d, i, w, e (trace, debug, info, warning, error)

Deprecated, for compatibility to older versions

Level of debug messages (0: no msg / 9999: many).
Dataset name
Offers a text field where you can paste your own data values (0, 1).
Reload (actualized) data values (0, 1). We use this feature during the counting out of votation results with updated data on the server every quarter of an hour.
Rezize map to window size (not possible as applet in a browser) (0, 1)
URL or relative path of the geometry ("none": documentbase)
Brings up a dialog to change colors and class values (0, 1). Clicking into the legend area does the same.
Maximum number of variables (50). In the now prefered case of txt-files this number is automatically set to the number of read variables.
values > top: color black
values < bottom: color white
values between bottom and top: color between the colors bright and dark
parameter for the transition from bright to dark
color for areal units with missing values.
The panel with all these buttons, fields and pop-up-menus is below (0) or above (1) the map.
Add a button to do a simple thematic generalizaton by a polygon filtering (0, 1).
Add a button for the construction of a areal unit cartogram (0, 1). There must be a suited variable with absolute values.
Add a button for writing an EPS file to the java console (0, 1).

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