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shp2psc: Shapefile to MAPresso geometry format

In order to speed up the download process of geometry files, MAPresso uses a compact polygon boundary format (.psc). The Java application shp2pscconverts ArcInfo polygon shapefiles to this format.

Prepare your shapefile

The necessary files for shapefile xxx are:

  1. xxx.shp
  2. xxx.dbf

In the later process you have to identify an ID and a name variable.

The ID variable in the dbf file must be numeric and the values must be greater than 0; ID=0 are holes in the polygons (as lakes).

All thematic data provided to MAPresso has to be in the order of this ID variable.

If there is no numeric ID variable, you have to enter one as a column in the dbf file (use e.g. a spreadsheet program).

Start shp2psc, select the shapefile and identify ID and name.

The program writes the following files:

Put a MAPresso.jar file into the same directory

If in the same directory there is a MAPresso.jar you should be able to start the map by opening index.html in your browser. The files can be a starting point for customizing your map (e.g. define the data units and variable types in xxx.vnm and add or change the parameters in index.html using a text editor).

It is not a very sophisticated application. Please mail problems.

Mac OS X: Unstuff and start the downloaded Application.

Other operating systems: start the downloaded file shp2psc.jar with the command: 
java -jar shp2psc.jar

Some debugging output is written to the Java console.

Download shp2psc

You want filterting and circle cartograms?

Send me your shapefile, I'll try to send you the corresponding xxx.fil file.This allows you to use the Dorling cartogram option and the generalization tool.

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