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Documentation, Parameters

The documentation is split up into the following chapters:

Basics, Layout
nobs, language, country, map, leg, box, loglevel, splash, about, ...
data, txtdat, vnm, geoparts, dataorder, datahidden, exclude, digits, links, linktext; Themes: hinumtheme, theme, firsttheme, firstvar, firstgeo, ...
geo, geoname, nam, lab, filter, hinumgeo, geoorder, geoexclude, ...; Layers: layer; shp2psc
digits, mtyp, color1scheme, color2scheme, classes, factors, colors, bicolors, eyeexp, background, text, fehlend, border, withborders, lookup, calibration, ...; Color schemes
filter, filterw; Neighbour File
bitri, withlabels, polylabels, zoomtool, pastefield, EPSMenu, psctMenu, relaodMenu, writeParamMenu, tipWindowMenu

Required Parameters: To start it is enough to define the number of areal units and an appropriate geometry. There are default values for all other parameters.

Parameters with *: can be set as default for all themes and datasets (e.g. mtyp=1) or for each dataset of a theme (e.g. mtyp_3=1) of by substituting * by the dataset number (mtyp_3_2=1; mtyp3 is equivalent to mtyp_1_3).

Parameters in italics indicate deprecated parameters.
Colors have to be defined in a RGB color system (hexadecimal as #6730c7 or decimal with dots: 103.48.199).

Texts: For special characters there are special escape sequences (starting with $)

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