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Adrian Herzog
Dr. phil. II.


Feedback is welcome. Please send me an if you have problems, new ideas, suggestions, comments, programming hints.


MAPresso is free. If you want to integrate MAPresso into your website and you don't succeed with the documentation, you can send me an including the boundary file(s) you would like to use. This could be e.g. an ArcGIS shapefile of your areal units - and eventually a tab-delimited text file with some test data. I'd prepare you a simple example which could be the basis for your application.

How to cite this project

If you use MAPresso for any publication, please cite as follows:

Adrian Herzog (2003): MAPresso, Zürich (


If you want to support the development of this software, feel free to make a donation, e.g. at PayPal: This is an easy way to send donations over the internet for free. You can use a credit card or bank account. It's fast, free and secure.


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